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Melbourne, Australia qualifies for a top coffee book, so where’s SF’s?

Posted by TheShot on 11 Dec 2009 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

We’ve posted before about Melbourne’s claim as the coffee capital of Australia. In addition to the Melbourne Coffee Review Web site we noted back in 2007 (in operation since 2004), there is now a printed guide to Melbourne’s top 100 coffee shops with the title Melbourne Coffee Review: Crema of the crop – Epicure – […]

Book Review: Bar d’Italia del Gambero Rosso 2007

Posted by TheShot on 26 Aug 2007 | Filed under: Barista, Café Society, Foreign Brew

I’ve been planning another road trip to Torino this October — my first since 2004. The wine and food are always excellent, the tourists are hard to come by (you can have an Italian city of almost a million people to yourself), Juventus is back in Serie A (and yesterday started the season off smashingly), […]

Book Review: Espresso Italiano Tasting

Posted by TheShot on 06 May 2006 | Filed under: Quality Issues

As mentioned in a previous post, out of curiosity I recently ordered a copy of Espresso Italiano Tasting (€18) available from the Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (IIAC), or the International Institute of Coffee Tasters. It’s the closest reference I’ve found to what CoffeeRatings.com is about. This 168-page book is available in Spanish & Portuguese, German […]

Espresso Vivace is 1st tenant in new retail/office complex

Posted by TheShot on 15 Apr 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Quality Issues

Today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer featured an article on the latest espresso bar opened by Espresso Vivace in the Cascade neighborhood of Seattle: Retail Notebook: Espresso Vivace is 1st tenant in new retail/office complex. Now opening its third coffeehouse, Espresso Vivace is one of the best places to order an espresso in North America. Its owner, David […]