For all of Yountville’s culinary celebrity, some of the best espresso in town can be found in this bizarre complex. Opening in early 2009, Bardessono is a hotel/spa/restaurant thing that seems to ooze more sculpture and running water fountains per square foot than the rest of Yountville. And that’s saying something.

The complex is LEED Platinum certified. This either means that the complex is so sustainable, it will survive like a cockroach in a nuclear holocaust … or that they’ve sold more albums than the Black-Eyed Peas. We’re still not too sure. But before you write this place off as the future home of the next Heaven’s Gate cult, just with a lot more disposable income, they offer quality coffee that you might consider worth sitting through any indoctrination meetings.

Approaching the Bardessono hotel lobby James Freeman and Blue Bottle Coffee are featured on the Bardessono hotel's marketing materials posted out front

Rooms inside the Bardessono grounds The Bardessono bar lounge

In the marketing materials posted out in front of the complex, they espouse the virtues of James Freeman and Blue Bottle Coffee — which they serve here. Once you enter in this odd block of luxury hotel units to reach the hotel bar and restaurant, you’ll discover that they largely deliver on the promise through equipment and service that meets Blue Bottle’s generally high standards.

Step into the small-but-fancy bar lounge with its hypnotic gas fireplace, and you’ll notice the two-group La Marzocco Linea parked at the end of the bar. The barista is a true barista, a bartender, and s/he pulls natural double shots with a medium-to-dark brown crema. The resulting shot is fragrant and flavorful — with a great herbal pungency and some spice. The great aftertaste and body make this arguably the best espresso shot in this food-obsessed town.

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Bardessono's La Marzocco Linea at the end of the bar The Bardessono espresso