In the name-dropping department, the September issue of Food & Wine magazine included a brief article on a select assortment of “classic and new places around the country with the most fanatical devotees” in the world of quality coffee: Where to Go Next: Best U.S. Coffee Bars | Food & Wine. Included on the list is SF’s Blue Bottle Cafe and a smattering of the usual suspects from around the country: including Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and a few places we’re overdue to visit — such as L.A.’s Lamill Coffee.

Spin, however, can be a funny thing. For example, The Ithaca Journal (NY) interpreted the inclusion of local pride, Gimme! Coffee, in Food & Wine‘s unscientific list with this headline: Gimme! Coffee voted best U.S. coffee bar by Food & Wine Magazine | | The Ithaca Journal. Apparently the ace reporters behind The Ithaca Journal are bucking for a Pulitzer in investigative reporting, given that they were able to discover both that there was a “voting system” behind Food & Wine‘s article and that Gimme! was ranked first on this list — while no other reporter nor reader has been able to detect the existence of either.