In case liquid coffee extracts didn’t whet your coffee appetite, maybe instant self-heating coffee in a can will: Self-heating coffee launched in Australia > FOODweek Online > Main Features Page.

Per the product description:

To heat the coffee, the canister is tipped upside down and the tamper-proof seal is removed. An activation button is found underneath the seal which is pushed in, releasing water into the inner chamber that contains quicklime. The water, when combined with the quicklime, causes a natural exothermic reaction that creates heat. This heat is then transferred through the inner chamber to warm the coffee in the outer chamber. When the coffee has reached 62 degrees Celsius, a small circle on the side of the can changes from pink to white.

Just try getting that through airport security. But the truly scary part is the “flavors” it comes in — none of which are, well, “coffee” flavor. However, it is “available in Double Shot Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Mocha Latte and French Vanilla Latte for $4.99 (AUS)”.