Has TheShot been taken over by “splogs” (spam blogs)?!

For anyone who has run a blog, I don’t mean the regular stream of bogus insurance adverts and “great post – I had never thought of that” comments. I mean all those splogs out there that have disguised themselves as online “lifestyle magazines” — i.e., shorthand for “all commercial posts, no content”. Product placement to the extreme. Bloggers who are even more guilty of “rip-and-read” journalism than those regurgitating corporate press releases in traditional media.

Last December I came across a pretty nifty coffee accessory worth writing about. Now if I had to choose a “coffee accessory of the year”, every year, undoubtedly it would have to be the pair of group head main cylinder gasket seals I regularly replace on my home espresso machine. There is no single accessory more responsible for my espresso enjoyment in any given year.

If had to choose a second from last year, I’d have to pick the French press travel mug from Barefoot Coffee Roasters. I’ve developed a habit of bringing it to the office most days (I also get plenty of comments on it). I grind some fresh beans into it before leaving for work in the morning — storing some extra grinds in the hidden compartment at the bottom. It makes truly good coffee quite convenient and portable.

And why buy from Barefoot? They are always spreading the love around, and I can hardly think of a nearby coffee outfit more deserving of a little return love themselves. And the French press travel mug comes in a variety of colors … including cornflower blue, for those Fight Club fanatics who need to stay awake through those Monday morning presentations about “cybernetting your office.”

Our perennial first place winner...a pair of guarnizione OR 6200 EPDM sottocoppa Action shot of my travel coffee French press from Barefoot Coffee Roasters - in mango

UPDATE: June 12, 2007
In case you wanted to pick up one of these in person, I recently discovered they are available for purchase at Cafe Bello.

UPDATE: Jan. 31, 2008
After a solid year of use, we finally found our first true defect with this device. The welding that connects to the handle to the thermal cylinder weakened until, just recently, it pretty much came off. However, the mug is still very functional even without the handle.