As a follow up to a previous post from February, Upscale coffee drinks almost as caloric as Big Mac, SF’s CBS 5 news aired a story today noting that Starbucks’ Banana Mocha Frappuccino (who has time to pronounce all that?!) is even more caloric than a Big Mac: – Starbucks Under Fire For ‘Unhealthy’ Coffee Drink.

And yet people are often obsessing over the possible health risks of coffee — the coffee is least of their worries. (If Clara Peller were alive, she’d be yelling, “Where’s the coffee?!”) Starbucks says it is actively researching alternatives to high fat products, but it’s clearly the consumer, not Starbucks, that’s the problem here.

Mom was right: never eat or drink anything bigger than your head.

UPDATE: December 13, 2006
Months later, and CBS still loves this story — as evidenced by today’s video and news article from KEYE-TV in Austin, TX: – Cover Story: Coffee Drinks, Fats, Calories.