With so much focus on higher-margin espresso drinks in the world of coffee, today’s San Francisco Chronicle published an article on the renewed art of making filter-drip coffee: The ultimate cup of joe?

The article particularly focuses on the proliferation of individual serving filter-drip coffee in the Bay Area. This preparation method has definite advantages over the big pot or thermos. However, it is oddly a bit late to the table for the Bay Area — considering that this serving method has been popular for years in some of the coffee houses of nearby communities, such as Monterey.

The article also mentions the “hand crafted” appeal to individual-serving filter-drip coffee. However, it has nothing on vacuum-brewed coffee — which, IMO, produces a significantly better, individualized cup. There are even fewer Bay Area coffee houses that offer vacuum-brewed coffee (one example being Glen Park’s Cafe Bello), so perhaps that’s another article and/or trend to look for in the coming years.

Mentioned in the article are Blue Bottle Coffee, Cole Coffee (formerly Royal Coffee) in Oakland’s Rockridge district, and Philz Coffee — the last of which is terrible at espresso (my recommendation: they shouldn’t even bother) but earning a reputation at filter-drip coffee.