Opening just this month, this café was started by The Rogers Family Company (perhaps best known for their ‘inorganic’ and dirt cheap San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. beans, available at Costco) and other investors. It’s heavy on the Fair Trade organic coffees, and that’s just where its social causes begin.

They heavily brand their devotion to community, economic, and social development — and they appear to live up to their word in where they buy their beans, how they support farmers, how they contribute to the local community, and even in hiring ‘challenged’ staff. Even in SF, the list of causes and do-gooderness is so in-your-face, it’s honestly a bit too much here — giving the place a cult-like feel. I applaud them for their well-intended causes, but I like to have a good espresso without feeling like I’m marinating in them.

Entrance to The Organic Coffee Co. The Organic Coffee Company's 'green' coffee and edibles menu

Inside there are five wooden tables, and in addition to espresso they also serve salads and sandwiches. They offer about ten bean blends: Hurricane Espresso being their choice for espresso, and three decaf blends. They serve espresso as double shots only, filling a large shotglass if you ask for it — otherwise it’s a small paper cup (they do offer brown Nuova Point cups for larger drinks, such as cappuccinos). They pull shots from a two-group Futurmat F3 with a good amount of even, medium brown crema.

The espresso itself has substance, but it unfortunately runs a bit too bitter and ashy for its otherwise deeper tobacco flavor (oh, the irony in that). They get a lot down here save for the final flavor in the cup — they are almost too busy saving the world to make a great-tasting espresso (it’s the one cause they neglect a little). However, the place offers plenty for SF’s espresso drinkers with a cause.

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Organic Coffee Co. staff working their new Futurmat F3 The sizeable Organic Coffee Company double espresso, complete with cause literature