McDonald’s is apparently feeling the heat from consumers’ changing tastes in coffee. According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, McDonald’s is planning to switch their customers to a new “premium roast” instead of the dreck they’ve been sloshing for the past 30 years: New McDonald’s brew (or as The Arizona Republic put it today: McDonald’s to tap into coffee trend by adding richer cup of joe).

Other, older chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts have established themselves with premium coffee, and McDonald’s appears to be struggling to stay relevant when Starbucks has already stolen their game in the retail coffee trade. The recent failure of McDonald’s McCafé to take root in the U.S. hasn’t helped them either. (And it’s not just the U.S., as this story from today’s The Times in London shows: McDonald’s orders 25 closures as coffee rivals begin to bite.)

Though I suppose that if you’re going to scald your thighs with the stuff, you may as well do it with better coffee.