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Malabar coffee set to get Geographic Indication mark

Posted by TheShot on 28 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Beans

In the news today from Bangalore, India has applied for a Geographic Indication (GI) for Monsooned Malabar coffee: Malabar coffee set to get GI brand : Malabar Coffee, Monsooned Malabars, Geographic Indication mark, GI : IBNLive.com : CNN-IBN. Some love the stuff, others can’t stand its “funkiness” at times. Whatever it is, it makes a […]

American Express signs Tully’s Coffee to contactless payments system

Posted by TheShot on 11 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Starbucks

Changes are brewing at the Tully’s Coffee chain, as American Express announced Tully’s as their latest ExpressPay partner: American Express signs Tully’s Coffee to contactless payments system – Assodigitale – Associazione Italiana Operatori Industria e Media Digitali. Think of ExpressPay as FasTrak® for the rush hour coffee queue — where customers can swipe credit cards […]

CoffeeRatings.com Reaches 500

Posted by TheShot on 05 Oct 2006 | Filed under: CoffeeRatings.com, Local Brew

Every once in a while it becomes necessary to celebrate an arbitrary milestone. And we have one today: for the first time, CoffeeRatings.com reached 500 active espresso ratings for San Francisco. What’s so arbitrary about it? For one, the 500 milestone was actually passed many months ago. While CoffeeRatings.com‘s focus has been San Francisco proper, […]

Trip Report: Michael Mina

Posted by TheShot on 19 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew, Restaurant Coffee

This decadent dining establishment ups the ante on most hotel dining rooms in the city. The food and decor are as over-the-top as the credit card bill. Part of the Mina Group “chain”, this restaurant in San Francisco’s Westin St. Francis Hotel opened in 2005 to much fanfare — including details about how the interior […]

SCAA 2006 U.S. Barista Championship

Posted by TheShot on 01 Mar 2006 | Filed under: Barista, Machine

Is your barista worthy? The Specialty Coffee Association of America is holding their annual convention in Charlotte, NC beginning April 7. One of the main events coinciding with the conference is the 2006 United States Barista Championship. From Business Wire: Barista Champion to Be Revealed from Among Nationwide Competitors; The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s […]

Trip Report: Starbucks Coffee @ 295 California St.

Posted by TheShot on 13 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew, Starbucks

Far too often, I find myself reviewing espresso because it’s necessary for completeness rather than something to which I look forward. Most Starbucks Coffee retail stores (the emphasis, of course, being on “retail”) elicit the same reptilian brain response in me. Not that most Starbucks have bad espresso at all, mind you. They’re often pretty […]

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