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Vancouver’s new cafe wins best coffee in region

Posted by TheShot on 05 Oct 2007 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Roasting

From yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, the praise is rolling in for Vancouver’s 49th Parallel Roasters, a new coffee destination established by Vince and Mike Piccolo (the former of Caffè Artigiano fame): Vancouver’s new cafe wins best coffee in region. Just don’t ask what Krups is doing as self-appointed tastemakers of good espresso via the annual Krups […]

Vancouver: Locals have much to learn about espresso

Posted by TheShot on 21 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Barista, Quality Issues

Knowing the difference between a good and bad espresso can be a curse to many a former barista. Or so says a former barista in today’s Georgia Straight, a popular Vancouver free weekly: Straight.com Vancouver | Best Eating | Locals have much to learn about espresso. The author writes that, “The espresso, as it is […]

Starbucks Betting on Drive-Thru Coffee

Posted by TheShot on 26 Dec 2005 | Filed under: Add Milk, Consumer Trends, Starbucks

Starbucks knows their customers. This much, nobody can argue — given the massive scale to which they have grown. The latest evidence being today’s AP story, Starbucks Betting on Drive-Thru Coffee. Its once “upscale” image continues to become a novelty of its corporate past. Fewer and fewer consumers now recognize the Starbucks brand as more […]