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Turks lose taste for traditional coffee

Posted by TheShot on 06 Nov 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew

As Turkish society has become more westernized, so has their preference for coffee: Gulfnews: Turks lose taste for traditional coffee. A report from Ankara suggests that the 16th century art of brewing and relaxing over Turkish coffee is under threat in that nation — with more harried consumers opting for quicker options, as reflected by […]

Turkish coffee, as explained by a Turkish expat

Posted by TheShot on 06 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Home Brew

Today’s Zaman is published in English in Istanbul. So when someone writes an article there about Turkish coffee, you better believe I’m going to pay attention: TODAY’S ZAMAN – Time for a coffee break!. The article offers some excellent tips for brewing your own Turkish coffee … right at home, without risking Your Own Private […]

Delving into the Turkish coffee cup

Posted by TheShot on 18 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Home Brew, Machine

At home, I’ve been on a major café cubano kick lately. Part of that could be inspired by the Fidel Castro deathwatch. But a bit of my influence goes back to two very good Cuban expat friends of mine, Rolando and Elena, whom I met when I first moved out on my own to Maryland […]

Philadelphia: International coffees

Posted by TheShot on 23 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer published an article that shows there’s more to Philly coffee than La Colombe Torrefaction: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/23/2006 | International coffees. They review a number of different international styles of coffee available in the area, including the following: RoseLena’s old Viennese-style coffeehouse Ray’s Cafe & Tea House for $8-a-cup Jamaican Blue Mountain […]