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Trip Report: Coffee Cultures (Financial District)

Posted by TheShot on 25 Jul 2013 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Local Brew

This dedicated coffee shop opened last month courtesy of Jason Michael Paul, the entertainment-minded partner behind SF’s small Coffee Bar chain (and no, not a three-named serial killer). It’s a tiny space that took over for the former Tully’s Coffee on this spot, located at the entrance of the East Lobby of 225 Bush office […]

When is coffee a beverage or not a beverage?

Posted by TheShot on 19 Feb 2011 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Quality Issues, Starbucks

Two articles in the news yesterday highlighted a bit of our thinking about a major divide in coffee formats: espresso and filter coffee. The Puget Sound Business Journal interviewed the sometimes-controversial Illy man, Giorgio Milos: Illy’s master barista challenges us to take a fresh look at Starbucks, Tully’s | Puget Sound Business Journal. The other […]

All Starbucks UK coffee to be Fairtrade, or: when you can’t beat ’em, guilt ’em

Posted by TheShot on 26 Nov 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade, Starbucks

As Starbucks‘ future looks ever bleaker and bleaker, CEO Howard Schultz continues his maniacal lever-pulling atop Starbucks’ runaway corporate bulldozer. After shedding themselves of music, movies, and books, they’ve tried everything from an online suggestion box and free coffee promotions to membership cards to less expensive (“daily”) roasts and smoothies. Mr. Schultz’s latest lever pull […]

Trip Report: Philz Coffee @ China Basin

Posted by TheShot on 11 Feb 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Local Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

Philz Coffee presents CoffeeRatings.com with something of a dilemma. Things were a little more straightforward when Philz offered espresso — the basic yardstick for all the ratings on this site. And the 18th St. Philz (since closed) rated among the worst 10% espresso purveyors in the entire city. It practically takes effort to be that […]

Trip Report: Bernie’s

Posted by TheShot on 27 Oct 2007 | Filed under: Local Brew, Roasting

Bernadette Melvin is a former employee of SF’s Spinelli’s, which was bought out by Seattle-based Tully’s Coffee in 1998 (Spinelli’s, in addition to generally good coffee, always had the best baked goods of any coffee chain in SF). When Tully’s pulled out of this physical location in 2007, she moved in and opened with — […]

Uptight Seattleite: The Portlanders are coming!

Posted by TheShot on 13 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Foreign Brew, Starbucks

As Stumptown Coffee Roasters plans to invade Seattle, today’s Seattle Weekly published an amusing letter of distress from a reader concerned about the coming potential clash of Northwest espresso cultures: Uptight Seattleite: Why This Unfair Prejudice Against Skateboarders? (Seattle Weekly). The writer also categorizes the local shot pullers in two distinct families: The Starbucks family, […]

American Express signs Tully’s Coffee to contactless payments system

Posted by TheShot on 11 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Starbucks

Changes are brewing at the Tully’s Coffee chain, as American Express announced Tully’s as their latest ExpressPay partner: American Express signs Tully’s Coffee to contactless payments system – Assodigitale – Associazione Italiana Operatori Industria e Media Digitali. Think of ExpressPay as FasTrak® for the rush hour coffee queue — where customers can swipe credit cards […]

Mysterious ‘Meth Coffee’ launches in San Francisco

Posted by TheShot on 11 Jan 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends

I came across a coffee-related press release yesterday (as I often do), and I truly resisted writing about it — hoping it would just go away unnoticed. But then the company behind it is based out of San Francisco, and the press release hit the Associated Press today: AP Wire | 01/11/2007 | Mysterious `Meth […]

Tully’s roast master is ‘Willy Wonka’ of coffee

Posted by TheShot on 21 Aug 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Roasting

Today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer published an article on the roast master of Tully’s, Brian Speckman: Tully’s roast master is ‘Willy Wonka’ of coffee. Apparently, a typical day at the office for Mr. Speckman involves spitting through a good 200 cups of coffee — and that’s the highlight of his day. Mr. Speckman originally hails from the […]

Seattle, cup by steaming cup: A coffee tour

Posted by TheShot on 01 May 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

The Great Escapes Web site, part of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, posted a “Culinary Traveler” article yesterday on a Seattle tour of coffee: Seattle, cup by steaming cup: A coffee tour. (The article was also printed in yesterday’s Long Beach Press-Telegram). The Web site even provides an interactive Flash tour. Seattle is a coffee-obsessed […]