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Trip Report: Lettüs Café Organic

Posted by TheShot on 15 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Fair Trade, Local Brew

The umlaut in the name might suggest a 1980’s metal band (pronounced ‘let-TOOOSE‘?), but this place is actually an ultra-organic café. It follows the trend of ‘preachy’ eateries that cross the line from espousing sustainable, organic agriculture to slapping you across the face with it. Now I apprciate the Slow Food movement as much as […]

Speed coffee — and its kings of Tel Aviv

Posted by TheShot on 19 Mar 2006 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew

Looking for espresso along Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv? The online version of the Haaretz English Edition reviewed eight branches of large coffee chains (including The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) — with a bizarre emphasis on how quickly they can shuffle you out the door with a paper cup (blech!) of gourmet coffee […]

Take a coffee break in Torino

Posted by TheShot on 07 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Café Society, Foreign Brew

As Torino readies to host the world at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, many unwary tourists will discover Torino for the first time. One of the things tourists will discover is their excellent cafés and coffee: USATODAY.com – Take a coffee break in Torino. For the record, I love Torino. It is one of my […]

Caffé del Doge, Palo Alto, CA

Posted by TheShot on 28 Jan 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew

With my kitchen currently getting the bulldozer (i.e., reconstruction) treatment, home espresso operations have come to a screeching halt. What better time to forage for espresso? Last week I reported that Caffé del Doge opens in Palo Alto, and this morning I decided to pay a visit. This chain of Venetian cafés opened in 2003 […]

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