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Trip Report: Oliveto Cafe & Restaurant (Oakland, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 24 Mar 2009 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Machine, Restaurant Coffee

Last month — after publishing a few trip reports of nearby Cole Coffee, the Spasso Coffeehouse, and Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea — Luigi DiRuocco of Mr. Espresso asked if we tried the espresso at Oliveto. We last updated our review of Oliveto a couple years prior, so the focus of our most recent Rockridge tour […]

Trip Report: Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea (Oakland, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 17 Feb 2009 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Roasting

For the last of our brief survey of some of the more notable cafés in Oakland’s Rockridge, this tiny storefront has long been the lone outlet showcasing the roasting that goes on some four miles away at Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea in Emeryville. The café and retail shop shares space with a Market Hall Bakery […]

Trip Report: Spasso Coffeehouse (Oakland, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 12 Feb 2009 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Machine, Quality Issues

It’s time for another espresso review along Oakland’s Rockridge trail. This coffee shop is the kind that only seems to thrive near a university. It’s a more spacious café than some of its espresso-serving neighbors along College Ave. There are a couple of sidewalk café tables in front, some limited table seating in front at […]

Trip Report: Cole Coffee (Oakland, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 07 Feb 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Foreign Brew

Recently, we’ve had the chance to give more formal reviews to a few places in Oakland’s Rockridge district. We begin with Cole Coffee — a combination café and roasting retail store that has been something of an East Bay coffee institution since it was named “Royal Coffee Café”. Cole Coffee still gets their coffee supplies […]