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Trip Report: Myth Cafe

Posted by TheShot on 15 Mar 2007 | Filed under: Local Brew

While much of the world was gearing up for a free Starbucks coffee giveaway, I got in a little practice yesterday and found espresso just as sketchy — but without the lines. (With California’s minimum wage at over six bucks an hour, it takes only 20 minutes of waiting to make “free” coffee not so […]

Trip Report: Lettüs Café Organic

Posted by TheShot on 15 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Fair Trade, Local Brew

The umlaut in the name might suggest a 1980’s metal band (pronounced ‘let-TOOOSE‘?), but this place is actually an ultra-organic café. It follows the trend of ‘preachy’ eateries that cross the line from espousing sustainable, organic agriculture to slapping you across the face with it. Now I apprciate the Slow Food movement as much as […]