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USBC 2008: The great barista battle is brewing, and how the big boys avoid embarrassment

Posted by TheShot on 01 May 2008 | Filed under: Barista, Quality Issues, Starbucks

While I’ll be checking out Barista Coffee in India, Minneapolis will be hosting this year’s U.S. Barista Championship during the SCAA conference this weekend. Yesterday, the host city’s hometown paper, the Star Tribune, published a rather lengthy article on the event: The great barista battle is brewing. It’s a story that’s been covered dozens, if […]

L’espresso “solo” da Starbucks

Posted by TheShot on 08 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Quality Issues, Starbucks

Sometimes it’s quite revealing to see America through foreign eyes. Case and point with a post today on an Italian blog that covers the subject of tourism in the good ol’ U.S. of A.: Guida USA – Info, foto e video. – » L’espresso “solo” da Starbucks. It gave me a chance to put my […]

Italy: Cappuccino Obtains Certificate of Quality

Posted by TheShot on 29 Dec 2006 | Filed under: Add Milk, Quality Issues

The Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (INEI), or the National Italian Espresso Institute, was born with the certification of quality standards for the Italian Espresso in 1998. Today they announced new certification standards for the Cappuccino: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – News In English – Italian Products: Cappuccino Obtains Certificate of Quality. Organizations such as the INEI […]

There’s a war brewing, but taste is still the loser on America’s coffee front

Posted by TheShot on 26 Dec 2006 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Quality Issues, Starbucks

Leave it to the Australians to best capture the state of Big Coffee in America, as reported today on Melbourne’s The Age: There’s a war brewing, but taste is still the loser on America’s coffee front. The article points out America’s escalating obsession with quality coffee, but (IMO, correctly) notes how poor the baseline coffee […]

Italian coffee company illy looks to expand with luxury

Posted by TheShot on 25 Dec 2006 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Quality Issues, Starbucks

Today’s International Herald Tribune published an article on Illy’s growth strategy of luxury cafés: Italian coffee company illy looks to expand with luxury – Business – International Herald Tribune. (Ignore the article’s initial, erroneous paragraph for a moment: Francesco Illy clearly did not “invent the espresso.”) Illy’s café chain is called Espressamente. We reviewed a […]

Home Machines: Espresso yourself

Posted by TheShot on 12 Nov 2006 | Filed under: Home Brew, Machine

Yesterday’s Toronto Star featured a few interviews on what it takes to make a great espresso — including the opinions of Stuart Ross, an award-winning barista and co-owner of Bulldog Coffee in Toronto, and Coulter Jones, the 2006 Canadian barista champion from Vancouver’s Caffe Artigiano. However, only Mark Prince, of coffeegeek.com, was able to answer […]

Mad Flavor in Austin: good espresso in a fallen world

Posted by TheShot on 28 Oct 2006 | Filed under: Quality Issues, Starbucks

Yesterday Tom Philpott posted about his discovery of a great place for espresso in Austin, TX called Cafe Medici (it opened last month). However, the bulk of his post was on why “it’s getting harder and harder to find great coffee in the U.S.”: Mad Flavor in Austin: good espresso in a fallen world | […]

Coffee roaster pushes beyond its ‘Peetnik’ roots

Posted by TheShot on 17 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew, Quality Issues

InsideBayArea.com, a Web entity representing a number of local newspapers including the Oakland Tribune and the Marin Independent Journal, published an article today on the growth dilemma facing Peet’s Coffee & Tea: Inside Bay Area – Coffee roaster pushes beyond its ‘Peetnik’ roots. (There’s a bit more detail in this article than in the related […]

Coffee Economic Forecast

Posted by TheShot on 25 Aug 2006 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Restaurant Coffee

Associated Content regularly posts articles of informed-yet-amateur research, and today they published one on the economic outlook of the retail coffee beverage business: Coffee Economic Forecast – Associated Content. The author highlights that regular coffee sales (“convenience coffee”) are projected to grow 7% annually while espresso beverages are projecting 15% annual growth. So there is […]

On Starbucks, CRM, Coffee Shops and Customer Service

Posted by TheShot on 03 Aug 2006 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Starbucks

First CoffeeSM is a blog that generally focuses on issues related to CRM, or Customer Relationship Management — and generally not on anything having to do with coffee (go figure). Except today, where David Sims commented on how Starbucks‘ worldwide geographic sprawl has set new standards of customer service for coffeehouses everywhere: On Starbucks, CRM, […]

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