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Trip Report: Danilo’s Bakery BaoNecci Caffè

Posted by TheShot on 05 Jul 2008 | Filed under: CoffeeRatings.com, Local Brew

Given that our headaches with our Web hoster are resolving themselves at a snail’s pace, we’re itching to get back to business as usual. So we are carefully returning to publishing here (saving copies of our databases as frequently as possible) — even though we risk a future “blackout” at any given time. How better […]

Trip Report: Coffee Adventures

Posted by TheShot on 10 Jun 2008 | Filed under: Local Brew

Sometimes coffeehouses can earn rave reviews, in part, because their most vocal customers don’t venture much beyond Starbucks or Fisherman’s Wharf. Coffee Adventures is your typical, low-frills, family-operated café — but with far more than its fair share of ravers (ignoring their coffee credentials). Some rave by word of mouth, and others rave via user […]

Trip Report: Cinecittà Bar and Roman Pizza

Posted by TheShot on 21 Aug 2007 | Filed under: Local Brew

This combination pizza parlor (they serve square pizzas) and wine bar has numerous small café tables indoors and counter seating at the bar/pizza ovens. There’s also limited sidewalk seating out front. The décor is their namesake Roman film studios of Fellini’s 1950s, complete with movie posters (plus an AS Roma kit on the wall by […]

Briton is crowned world espresso ‘barista’ champion at Tokyo contest

Posted by TheShot on 02 Aug 2007 | Filed under: Barista

The votes have been tallied and a huge round of congratulations are in order. Props to James Hoffman, of La Spaziale UK Ltd. and jimseven fame (jimseven.com has linked over here often), for winning the 2007 World Barista Championship (WBC) today in Tokyo: Briton is crowned world espresso ‘barista’ champion at Tokyo contest (International Herald […]

Trip Report: È Tutto Qua

Posted by TheShot on 16 Jul 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew

Located in the original Bank of America (née Bank of Italy) building on the corner of Broadway and Columbus, this café/bar/restaurant opened just last month as a nicer alternative. It is a refreshing change from many of the North Beach Italian cafés and restaurants: they use particularly high quality ingredients for the neighborhood, and thus […]

Trip Report: Crépe ‘n Coffee

Posted by TheShot on 17 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Local Brew

This is yet another one of those coffeeshops/crêperies with the colored-chalk menu. They have nicer wood benches and tables inside its large, square space. It has an overall Latin feel — from the photos of Peru on the walls, to the employees, to using Martha & Bros. coffee from across the street. Which is unfortunate, […]

Trip Report: Illy Espressamente – Lisbon

Posted by TheShot on 13 Nov 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

Back in July we reported on Illy‘s strategy for opening licensed Illy Espressamente cafés across Europe. During my travels in Portugal last month, I had the pleasure of encountering my first one in the unlikeliest of places. In the perimeter wall of the recently remodelled Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno bullfighting arena, this fully […]

Espresso in Portugal

Posted by TheShot on 03 Nov 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Café Society, Foreign Brew, Machine, Quality Issues, Restaurant Coffee, Starbucks

Despite Portugal’s prominent historical role in the development of the coffee trade (for example, they introduced coffee production to Brazil), and the degree with which coffee is “interwoven throughout Portugal’s social, literary and economic history”, I’ve found surprisingly little written about the espresso in this small-but-influential coffee nation. Last month I took advantage of some […]

Trip Report: Brioche Bakery

Posted by TheShot on 01 Sep 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew

The Pearlina tea shop shut down and was replaced by this French bakery/café. At its heart is a great artisan baker who makes extraordinary pastries and breads (and is a true artisan: no cookie cutter stuff here). This is the baker’s only retail outlet, as the French team behind it have supplied some 40 local […]

Trip Report: Caffè Greco

Posted by TheShot on 27 Jun 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew

Yes, this one is one of the classics. It’s a bright North Beach café that’s been open since 1988. They have many small indoor café tables with a lot of that “Cinzano”-like print art, clean surfaces, and East-facing glass windows. They also have an adjoining room that’s available for a lot of overflow on popular […]

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