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Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam: Coffee culture in Asia

Posted by TheShot on 05 Nov 2009 | Filed under: Café Society, Foreign Brew, Machine, Quality Issues

Publications frequently run out of ideas, which is why the Wall Street Journal seems to be jacked on coffee articles of late. (But don’t worry — we have no plans to tell you what investments to have in your portfolio.) Just two days after making the ridiculous assertion that Illy is taking on Starbucks, the […]

Where Tokyo Grabs a Coffee … that doesn’t come with a pull tab

Posted by TheShot on 13 Jul 2009 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

Despite Japan’s public reputation for drinking coffee from cans spat out of vending machines, yesterday’s New York Times‘ Travel section listed a few notable specialty coffeehouses: Heads Up – Where Tokyo Grabs a Coffee – NYTimes.com. A number of these coffeehouses qualify as what we previously noted as kissaten: good coffee of distinguished pedigree at […]

Japanese consumer fad of the minute?: Newly harvested coffee beans attracting attentions

Posted by TheShot on 21 Feb 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew

Japanese consumer fads notoriously have about the same lifespan as mayflies — or a Rudi Giulliani presidential campaign, whichever comes shorter. However, here’s one we had not heard of before until seeing this in today’s The Daily Yomiuri: Newly harvested coffee beans attracting attentions : Arts Weekend : Features : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily […]

Java quest: ‘Lost’ coffee found on Réunion island

Posted by TheShot on 14 Jul 2007 | Filed under: Beans

I’ve written before about how my personal rediscovery of the Maui Moka bean at the 2006 WRBC was, at least for me, something akin to finding a live dodo…or at least a ceolecanth. But a coffee that was presumed extinct for four years is one thing. One that has been presumed extinct for over 50 […]

Coffee marketing in Japan: The UCC Evangelion Project 人類補缶計画

Posted by TheShot on 11 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew

If you thought American or European coffee marketing was an intense animal, take a peek at what they do over in Japan: UCC Evangelion Project 人類補缶計画. The Ueshima Coffee Company — or UCC, with the English slogan, “Good Coffee Smile” — is a Kobe-based manufacturer of coffee and tea products. They also own a Kona […]