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(Old) news of the week; ”Coffee mania” floods Kyiv

Posted by TheShot on 11 Apr 2008 | Filed under: Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Starbucks

What a strange newsweek it’s been in the coffee world. The best way to characterize it?: What’s old is suddenly new again. Tuesday we had Starbucks’ latest cry for attention/help/suicide prevention with their mysterious “04.08.08”-on-a-lame-paper-cup campaign. Essentially, the publicity stunt announced the launch of their “new” Pike Place Roast and a “new” return to the […]

Jamaica’s Coffee Makers Perk Up, Fighting Off Knockoffs and a Storm

Posted by TheShot on 26 Mar 2006 | Filed under: Beans

Today’s Los Angeles Times reports on the current state of the elite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bean in light of Hurricane Ivan damage and the insurgence of counterfeiters: Jamaica’s Coffee Makers Perk Up, Fighting Off Knockoffs and a Storm – Los Angeles Times. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee carries a lot of name brand recognition — […]

Philadelphia: International coffees

Posted by TheShot on 23 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer published an article that shows there’s more to Philly coffee than La Colombe Torrefaction: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/23/2006 | International coffees. They review a number of different international styles of coffee available in the area, including the following: RoseLena’s old Viennese-style coffeehouse Ray’s Cafe & Tea House for $8-a-cup Jamaican Blue Mountain […]