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In defense of “coffee Nazis”

Posted by TheShot on 15 Jul 2008 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Quality Issues

Over the past few days, a small coffee story in suburban D.C. has blown up to rather ridiculous proportions — virtually requiring restraining orders and U.N. troops to intervene. A brief synopsis of the affair can be found on The Consumerist: Murky Coffee: Coffee-Shop Threatens To “Punch” Customer In His “Dick”. The story involves an […]

Some like it iced

Posted by TheShot on 14 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends

Today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that “iced coffee is a hot commodity, surveys show”: Some like it iced. According to studies from the SCAA and NCA, iced coffee consumption is on the rise — accounting for 6 percent of weekly U.S. coffee consumers, as compared with 4 percent five years ago. The article also attributes the […]