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Espresso in Cape Town, South Africa

Posted by TheShot on 01 Aug 2010 | Filed under: Add Milk, Beans, Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Machine, Quality Issues, Starbucks

Quick!: name a city that’s surrounded by the exquisite natural beauty of mountains and seas, with brightly painted houses that decorate quaint neighborhoods, with great food everywhere you turn, with a nearby wine country consisting of hundreds of vineyards and many nationally renowned restaurants, with hipsters who frequent farmers’ markets in transitional neighborhoods, with a […]

Long Island Press: “Everything You Know About Coffee Is Wrong”

Posted by TheShot on 14 Aug 2009 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

In case you haven’t come across this article from the Long Island Press yesterday: Everything You Know About Coffee Is Wrong | Long Island Press. Wow — local journalism is still producing thoughtful, lengthy pieces that might actually tell the average reader something they didn’t already know? Sure enough, it’s a rather well-written and thoughtful […]

Trip Report: Peninsula Coffee Roaster & Deli (San Mateo, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 02 Feb 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Foreign Brew, Roasting

The Peninsula offers little in the way of great espresso. This is supposedly one of the better examples, but it’s not something we would be proud of. If someone was visiting us in San Mateo and wanted a good espresso, we’d still send them all the way to Palo Alto first. The Peninsula Coffee Roaster […]

The Rise of Yuppie Foods

Posted by TheShot on 14 Aug 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Quality Issues

Props to the blog wcuk for one of the more thought-provoking posts I’ve read in a while: The Rise of Yuppie Foods « wcuk. It concerns the question of whether the diversification and specialization of common consumable staples — from coffee to wine to chocolate to the restaurants where we eat — is driven less […]

Self-heating coffee launched in Australia

Posted by TheShot on 29 May 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends

In case liquid coffee extracts didn’t whet your coffee appetite, maybe instant self-heating coffee in a can will: Self-heating coffee launched in Australia > FOODweek Online > Main Features Page. Per the product description: To heat the coffee, the canister is tipped upside down and the tamper-proof seal is removed. An activation button is found […]

Getting more from your coffee menu

Posted by TheShot on 18 May 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Starbucks

The business world is fraught with a number of ironies. One of the bigger ironies is that all good businesses must do ridiculous things that detract from the very core things that made them good in the first place. Big, public businesses do this in an effort to sustain the growth figures demanded by Wall […]

Crack coffee: when coffee has nothing to do with it

Posted by TheShot on 01 May 2007 | Filed under: Coffee Health, Consumer Trends

It’s one thing for the likes of Starbucks to purvey their popular coffee-flavored milkshakes (double-tall, four-pump vanilla caramel macchiato, anyone?) — suitably designed for people who don’t like coffee, but want to play along anyway. But it’s another thing entirely when some coffee purveyors treat the beverage purely as a narcotic with no other redeeming […]

Coffee: top flavors in new products

Posted by TheShot on 22 Mar 2007 | Filed under: Add Milk, Consumer Trends

Drinks Business Review published an article yesterday noting the top ten most often used flavors in new coffee worldwide: Coffee: top flavors in new products – Drinks Business Review. Of course, as might be predicted by Denis Leary, “coffee-flavored coffee” didn’t make the list. But disturbingly “cappuccino” did at #5. Is that like anchovies made […]

All the King’s Horses, and All the King’s Marketing Consultants…

Posted by TheShot on 06 Mar 2007 | Filed under: Barista, Café Society, Consumer Trends, Machine, Quality Issues, Starbucks

The news of Starbucks‘ death has been greatly exaggerated. That’s all I could think of when reading the media and blogosphere response over the past week to an executive memo written by Starbucks’ founder and corporate chairman, Howard Schultz (as reported here on Feb. 24). In the memo, the founder lamented the loss of Starbucks’ […]