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The Colombia Cup of Excellence, or Wired Magazine Keeps Up Its Futurism Farce over Coffee

Posted by TheShot on 17 Jun 2011 | Filed under: Beans, Quality Issues

This month’s Wired magazine published a piece on this year’s Cup of Excellence (CoE) competition in Colombia: Sip, Spit, Grade: Coffee Experts Crown Colombia’s Best Beans | Magazine. Opening with the Q-grading Alberto Trujillo and Intelligentsia‘s Geoff Watts, the article describes the Cup of Excellence process and a little of its short history. It also […]

Colombia: Land of horrible coffee

Posted by TheShot on 22 Dec 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Café Society, Foreign Brew, Quality Issues

Today a writer for the Boston-based GlobalPost published a somewhat contrarian article on Colombian coffee: Colombian coffee | Juan Valdez. Instead of the Juan-Valdez-inspired marketing image of “the richest coffee in the world,” the author suggests that brewed coffee in Colombia has a lot more in common with dirty water. This is also true in […]

The Tyrrany of Forced Rankings, or: The Annual Esmeralda Watch

Posted by TheShot on 21 May 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends

Because it is patently uncool for legitimate coffee professionals to gush over gag novelties for coffee tourists — i.e., kopi luwak — the media needs an alternative outlet to feed its overly simplistic “since it’s the most expensive, it must be the best” obsession. This is what we once called the nouveau riche stereotype: knowing […]

Colombian coffee icon defies Starbucks doldrums

Posted by TheShot on 17 Oct 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Café Society, Foreign Brew, Home Brew

We know plenty of stories about coffee retailers and roasters going to origin, but here’s a story of origin coming here instead: Colombian coffee icon defies Starbucks doldrums – International Herald Tribune. As reported in today’s International Herald Tribune, the Bogota-based chain, Juan Valdez Cafe, is owned by thousands of Colombia coffee-growing shareholders. We’ve written […]

Juan Valdez to grow the richest coffee in … your gas tank

Posted by TheShot on 13 Aug 2007 | Filed under: Beans

Recently we reported on Colombia’s Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (Federcafé), originators of the Juan Valdez marketing campaign, and their recent partnership with Coca-Cola to produce Juan Valdez-branded shelf-stable coffee concentrate. If that marketing move didn’t scream “Juan Valdez quality,” just wait for Juan Valdez-branded ethanol: Coffee gives you energy… for your car. – AutoblogGreen. A […]

Coca-Cola FoodService Partners with Juan Valdez

Posted by TheShot on 20 May 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Machine, Restaurant Coffee

We’ve been monitoring Coca-Cola’s murky interests in the coffee business for some time now. The most obvious example being their patent filings in recent years, which have lead to — among other things — their launch of Far Coast coffee pod and machine systems for food service retailers. In today’s news, Coke announced they will […]

Colombian coffee icon steps down

Posted by TheShot on 31 May 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends

Carlos Sanchez, 71, who portrayed Colombia coffee’s Juan Valdez for 37 years, recently announced his retirement: BBC NEWS | Americas | Colombian coffee icon steps down. But with Colombia coffee producers having already invested so much in their brand iconography (not to mention Juan Valdez-branded cafés in the U.S.), the successor to Mr. Sanchez will […]

Philadelphia: International coffees

Posted by TheShot on 23 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Foreign Brew

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer published an article that shows there’s more to Philly coffee than La Colombe Torrefaction: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/23/2006 | International coffees. They review a number of different international styles of coffee available in the area, including the following: RoseLena’s old Viennese-style coffeehouse Ray’s Cafe & Tea House for $8-a-cup Jamaican Blue Mountain […]

Colombia – The Coffee Trail

Posted by TheShot on 12 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Foreign Brew

The Travel section in today’s New York Times reviews the state of travel in Colombia as it tries to shake its image of fighting drug lords and Marxist guerrillas: Colombia – The Coffee Trail. One of the big attractions is Colombia’s coffee country, with stays in some of its coffee producing haciendas. Of course, all […]

The dark story of poverty in your coffee cup

Posted by TheShot on 05 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade, Robusta

Today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported on: The dark story of poverty in your coffee cup. In particular, it discusses the coffee paradox — i.e., how there could be a coffee boom in the consuming countries at the same time as a coffee crisis in the producing countries. Despite citing the impacts of the Vietnamese robusta glut […]