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History of Coffee: Part IV – Commercialisation of Coffee

Posted by TheShot on 27 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Quality Issues, Roasting, Robusta

That famous portal for coffee connoisseurs, DailyIndia.com (?!?), keeps the hits on coming. This time it’s the latest installment on the history of coffee: History of Coffee: Part IV – Commercialisation of Coffee. The so-called ‘Dark Ages’ of coffee lasted from the mid-19th Century to the late 20th Century. In that time, roasted coffee went […]

Toronto Espresso Hunt or: How I Learned To Hate Overextraction

Posted by TheShot on 14 Feb 2006 | Filed under: Barista, Foreign Brew, Machine, Quality Issues

Yesterday I came across a Toronto area blogger, StDan, who has picked up his own cause for finding some of the best espresso served in his fine city of Toronto: Espresso Hunt: Little Italy. Naturally, even at this early stage, he noted the following (familiar) problem: “most places put too much in it”. Yes, the […]

Caffé del Doge, Palo Alto, CA

Posted by TheShot on 28 Jan 2006 | Filed under: Local Brew

With my kitchen currently getting the bulldozer (i.e., reconstruction) treatment, home espresso operations have come to a screeching halt. What better time to forage for espresso? Last week I reported that Caffé del Doge opens in Palo Alto, and this morning I decided to pay a visit. This chain of Venetian cafés opened in 2003 […]

Coffee connoisseurs are roasting their own

Posted by TheShot on 25 Jan 2006 | Filed under: Beans, Roasting

As the article opens: “Coffee is on its way to becoming the ‘new wine.’” And the best way to appreciate good coffee requires roasting green beans and grinding them up fresh. From today’s Herald Tribune in Southwest Florida: Coffee connoisseurs are roasting their own. (And also this primer on coffee beans: Did you know?) When […]

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