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Consumer Coffee Cupping: Education or Marketing Gimmick?

Posted by TheShot on 03 Dec 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Quality Issues, Roasting

Yesterday, the Seattle Weekly published a lengthy, thoughtful, and somewhat critical article on the exploding fad of consumer coffee cupping: Seattle’s New Way to Fetishize Coffee – Food – Seattle Weekly. As we’ve written here before, the coffee industry has shoehorned many wine analogies onto coffee appreciation. While this shorthand provides a simplistic reference point […]

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Coffee Presidia tasting

Posted by TheShot on 02 Sep 2008 | Filed under: Barista, Beans, Fair Trade

As one of the final events of Slow Food Nation ’08, we attended The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Coffee Presidia tasting at Coffee Bar. It is quite a mouthful of nouns. But the key points are that Slow Food is a non-profit, its Foundation for Biodiversity is a countermeasure effort to the dwindling food […]

Coffee Education at the Culinary Institute of America

Posted by TheShot on 20 Feb 2008 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Fair Trade, Quality Issues, Restaurant Coffee

Promising news for anyone who takes the gamble of ordering prepared coffee in restaurants: the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) has recently announced a partnership with Durham, NC’s Counter Culture Coffee to develop a coffee curriculum: newsobserver.com | Coffee partnership forms. (Press release from last week.) Unlike the closer-to-home CCA (California Culinary Academy) — which […]

Today’s Ben Rogers cups coffee, picks wine grapes

Posted by TheShot on 05 Jan 2008 | Filed under: Consumer Trends

It may be a new year, but often it is only the calendar that changes. Take this article in today’s New York Daily News — yet another installment in a long line of ever-popular wine analogy/”gee whiz, there’s this thing called cupping” pieces: Coffee: Hey, I’m no ordinary Joe. It comes with the obligatory Counter […]

A day in the life of an Italian coffee taster

Posted by TheShot on 06 Oct 2007 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

Here’s an appropriate story, given my current location in Alba, Piemonte — about 40 miles from Torino. Earlier this week, Reuters published an article on Michele Mastrantuono, one of Lavazza‘s official coffee tasters: A day in the life of an Italian coffee taster | Lifestyle | Living | Reuters. Mr. Mastrantuono performs quality control on […]

Never trust a product that makes an environmental or social justice claim

Posted by TheShot on 25 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Café Society, Consumer Trends, Fair Trade

In the mixed feelings department, the Washington Business Journal recently reported on Counter Culture Coffee‘s newest regional training center in D.C.: Counter Culture Coffee opens training center in Adams Morgan – Washington Business Journal:. As with Counter Culture’s other training centers, it is designed to educate industry wonks and general consumers alike on coffee flavors […]

To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail

Posted by TheShot on 12 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade

Today’s New York Times featured an article on how the upper echelon of coffee roasters pursue the finest cup the world over: To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail – New York Times. Introducing a number of America’s celebrity roasters, including Stumptown and Intelligentsia, the article touches on some of the key tools of […]

Trip Report: Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company @ Napa

Posted by TheShot on 05 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Local Brew, Roasting

This famous Napa coffee roaster has locations in downtown Napa and in St. Helena, and it routinely receives “best coffeehouse” awards in Napa town. They not only roast their own coffee in 20-lb batches, but they also offer regular coffee cuppings. And although their location gives them every excuse to abuse misplaced wine tasting analogies […]

Coffee educators gladly spread the java gospel

Posted by TheShot on 23 Nov 2006 | Filed under: Quality Issues, Starbucks

Today’s Seattle Times posted an article on the 19-strong “coffee educators” at Starbucks: The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Coffee educators gladly spread the java gospel. The article explains the role of coffee cupping at Starbucks as part of their basic training for coffee buyers and baristas. The article also makes mention of Starbucks’ definitions […]

Coffee is just like wine, except different

Posted by TheShot on 27 Oct 2006 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Restaurant Coffee

Coffee’s ever-popular wine analogy works well in the economics case. There are some people who appreciate what goes into a $100 bottle of wine, and there are others who prefer beer and don’t see how that bottle adds up to the price of a few good cases of their favorite brew. On a social level, […]

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