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Organic coffee: Why Latin America’s farmers are abandoning it

Posted by TheShot on 04 Jan 2010 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade

Last week the Christian Science Monitor published an article highlighting the economic pressures on Latin America’s organic coffee farmers: Organic coffee: Why Latin America’s farmers are abandoning it / The Christian Science Monitor – CSMonitor.com. Just as Fair Trade designed their program to attract coffee growers through the promise of financial incentives, once they made […]

Hawaiian Islands erupt with new coffee regions

Posted by TheShot on 24 Apr 2009 | Filed under: Beans

Today’s SF Chronicle features an article on some of the lesser-known coffee growing regions of Hawaii: Hawaiian Islands erupt with new coffee regions. For each of the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii (the Big Island), they offer info on the coffee growing history of the island, what’s brewed from there today, and […]

You can’t get that from here: Caffè Mokabar

Posted by TheShot on 23 Feb 2008 | Filed under: Beans, CoffeeRatings.com, Foreign Brew, Roasting

Occasionally this Web site can be the source of a real life story, and the story of Caffè Mokabar is a good one. For a little background, after a couple weeks of espresso research in Piemonte, Italy last October, we were most duly impressed with Caffè Mokabar among all the coffee roasters we encountered. So […]

Japanese consumer fad of the minute?: Newly harvested coffee beans attracting attentions

Posted by TheShot on 21 Feb 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew

Japanese consumer fads notoriously have about the same lifespan as mayflies — or a Rudi Giulliani presidential campaign, whichever comes shorter. However, here’s one we had not heard of before until seeing this in today’s The Daily Yomiuri: Newly harvested coffee beans attracting attentions : Arts Weekend : Features : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily […]

Worlds greatest coffee by country

Posted by TheShot on 09 Jan 2008 | Filed under: Beans

Yesterday, a Syrian blogger posted a rather well-informed introductory article on the notable varietals of many coffee producing countries: Latest hip hop news: worlds greatest coffee by country. Just don’t ask why it’s on a blog called “Latest hip hop news”. Rapper T.I. is apparently a big fan of Costa Rica La Minita when he’s […]

More coffee fads from animals’ digestive enzymes: Please make it stop!

Posted by TheShot on 14 Nov 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends

The apocalypse must clearly be upon us. And it’s not just that oil slick out in the San Francisco Bay, either. In the news today is yet another reported “coffee connoisseur” obsession with coffee beans processed through the digestive enzymes of some mysterious Asian mammal: Monkey business yields gourmet Taiwan coffee | Lifestyle | Living […]

The latest on Fair Trade’s mixed messages

Posted by TheShot on 01 Oct 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade

For the latest installments that hash and rehash the pros and cons of Fair Trade, we turn to yesterday’s Oakland Tribune and today’s International Herald Tribune. The International Herald Tribune covered the big chains and the impact on some growers: ‘Fair trade’ certification yielding benefits for Brazilian coffee farmers – International Herald Tribune. Of particular […]

Rating and Grading: Does it matter for specialty coffee consumers?

Posted by TheShot on 26 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Quality Issues

This month’s issue of the trade rag CoffeeTalk posed the question of standardized specialty coffee ratings and grades as an aid to consumers: Toward standardized specialty coffee ratings and grading [PDF, page 8, 7.6Mb]. The article opens with mention of $130 a pound Hacienda Esmeralda Geisha. It then questions how retailers and consumers can inject […]

Fair-trade coffee price unchanged after 10 years

Posted by TheShot on 17 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Fair Trade

While the relentless drumbeat of blindly obedient Fair Trade support continues — vilifying anything that isn’t certified Fair Trade — we have yet another reason why it doesn’t exactly achieve the results consumers may be expecting. Yesterday’s National Post (Canada) reported on how the minimum prices paid to Fair Trade co-operatives have not changed in […]

Does Panama Esmeralda stack up to the hype?

Posted by TheShot on 10 Sep 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Roasting

Walking in to a Peet’s Coffee & Tea last week, I noticed they are once again offering their supply of Panama Esmeralda Geisha as a roast-dated “Reserve” coffee. We wrote about this coffee varietal last month (and also in 2006). It has consistently sold at record auction prices, and it has won numerous awards for […]

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