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Trying to teach “old” coffee new marketing tricks

Posted by TheShot on 10 Nov 2008 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Starbucks

We have to admit: marketers of whole foods and commodities don’t have it easy. Product marketing is so much easier when you can reformulate and industrially process something with a bogus health claim and slap a “New!” logo on the packaging. It gets even easier when you can inject exotic substances with a “newly discovered” […]

Don’t Be Such a Double-tall, Four-pump Vanilla Caramel Macchiato

Posted by TheShot on 17 Jul 2008 | Filed under: Add Milk, Café Society, Consumer Trends, Foreign Brew, Starbucks

Sometimes this blogging business can get far too serious. Especially when most blogs are about procrastination, wasting time, and utterly pointless exercises — such as answering the important existential question, “What kind of coffee drink best represents me?” Well today’s post is for you. “I am one of 112 million bloggers: hear me roar.” First […]

When journalists do the math, Starbucks has nowhere to hide

Posted by TheShot on 03 Jun 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Starbucks

The state of professional journalism’s credibility in this country must truly be at an all-time low. Now I don’t think this because of all the blowhard bloggers who believe that any monkey with a keyboard can do the same job as any professional journalist. But it is stories like The Sacramento Bee‘s May 23 “investigative […]

The First “Blogging” Coffeemaker

Posted by TheShot on 04 May 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Machine

Not all public relations professionals are brain-dead. Really. Unfortunately, there are armies of brain-dead PR zombies that routinely clog the media firehose with inane chatter. One of their favorite zombie techniques? Take a rather inane topic that seems trendy in the media — say, oh, blogging. Then take whatever tired idea you have in front […]

The coffee, not the cup that holds it, is what matters

Posted by TheShot on 14 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Quality Issues

A local, homespun, philosophical yarn in today’s Gulf Breeze News (Gulf Breeze, FL … why do all the crackpots seem to come from Florida?) noted how our approach to life can failingly be like concentrating on the cup and not the coffee within it: The coffee, not the cup that holds it, is what matters. […]

The 2007 Shameless Gadget Promotion Post

Posted by TheShot on 13 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Home Brew, Machine

Has TheShot been taken over by “splogs” (spam blogs)?! For anyone who has run a blog, I don’t mean the regular stream of bogus insurance adverts and “great post – I had never thought of that” comments. I mean all those splogs out there that have disguised themselves as online “lifestyle magazines” — i.e., shorthand […]

The smoke, mirrors, and black magic of coffee marketing

Posted by TheShot on 31 Jul 2006 | Filed under: Consumer Trends, Starbucks

Today a press release from Eight O’Clock Coffee announced a new marketing campaign for the all-but-forgotten brand: Eight O’Clock(R) Coffee “Gets Real” about Coffee in New Advertising Campaign; Nearly 150 Year Old Company Announces Results of Consumer Taste Test. The new marketing campaign takes aim squarely at the Starbucks set — on a mission to […]

But what will flagpole-sitting coffee drinkers think?

Posted by TheShot on 21 Mar 2006 | Filed under: Consumer Trends

OK — it’s only Tuesday, and I have already found the winner for the most imbecilic coffee-related news item of the week. So what do you do if you’re a coffee marketer desperate for an angle? How about selling coffee with those yellow rubber LIVESTRONG wristbands? Nah — not trendy enough. OK, how about a […]