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The next coffee crisis

Posted by TheShot on 21 Apr 2010 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Fair Trade, Robusta

One of the long running jokes among the (these days: masochistic) fans who follow Italian soccer is that — at least according to the Italian sports media — teams tend to go from “crisis” to “crisis” several times in a given season. If a top-caliber team doesn’t win for two straight matches, sono in crisi […]

The Great Coffee Rush of 2010

Posted by TheShot on 08 Apr 2010 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

The New York Times today published a piece on the Bay Area roaster land grab going on out East: West Coast Coffee Roasters Are Lengthening Their Reach – NYTimes.com. Ritual Coffee Roasters, Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Four Barrel Coffee are each mentioned — lugging their roasting equipment over the Rocky Mountains and […]

Expansionist Consumer Reports again raids the ghetto coffee market

Posted by TheShot on 02 Feb 2010 | Filed under: Beans, Consumer Trends, Quality Issues

In the headlines today, Consumer Reports continues to explore the merits of ghetto coffee: Lack of excellent coffee blends: Consumer Reports | Reuters. Whereas before they chimed in on the McDonald’s vs. Starbucks debate — something we’ve always likened to a beauty contest between Courtney Love and Joan Rivers — this time their “expert” taste […]

Equator Estate Coffees wins Roast Magazine’s 2010 American Roaster of the Year Award

Posted by TheShot on 22 Oct 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Home Brew, Local Brew, Restaurant Coffee, Roasting

San Rafael-based Equator Estate Coffees has long been a major enigma for us. They have heavy distribution among high-end restaurants in town — and quite a few on the low-end. But despite the occasional accolades among tastemaker chefs, we just didn’t “get it.” Over the years, we sampled the espresso at well over 30 different […]

Trip Report: Calafia Cafe & Market A-Go-Go (Palo Alto, CA)

Posted by TheShot on 08 May 2009 | Filed under: Foreign Brew, Local Brew

This split café and to-go market is founded by Chef Charlie Ayers, famous for catering for the Grateful Dead (as evidenced by the large wall photo inside) and the initial food operations at Google. This place is his attempt to make his Google cafeteria “public.” It has limited outdoor table and picnic bench seating. Inside […]

Trip Report: Epicenter Cafe

Posted by TheShot on 23 Feb 2009 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew, Roasting

Opening up in the latter half of 2008, this café may serve salads, soups, wine, and even light dinner plates, but don’t let that fool you: this is a serious coffee destination. Which is not surprising, given that Andy Newbom of Barefoot Coffee Roasters personally tipped us off to check this place out. Just a […]

Trip Report: Google (Mountain View, CA) — and announcing user ratings and reviews

Posted by TheShot on 05 Dec 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew

It may have been a while, but we have reviewed employee espresso bars before. What’s unusual this time is that the espresso bar doesn’t belong to a coffee business. But when said business is slinging shots of Barefoot Coffee Roasters beans out of UNIC Twin machines, we take an interest. The company in question is […]

Coffee lovers spill the beans on their favorite small-batch roasters

Posted by TheShot on 11 Jun 2008 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew, Roasting

Due to a number of reader comments, today’s SF Chronicle published a brief follow-up to a lengthy piece they published last month: Coffee lovers spill the beans on their favorite small-batch roasters. The article mentions SF’s De La Paz Coffee and the East Bay’s Catahoula Coffee Company & Roastery. Once again the emphasis is on […]

Andy Newbom of Silicon Valley – Founder of Barefoot Coffee Roasters

Posted by TheShot on 29 Jul 2007 | Filed under: Beans, Local Brew, Quality Issues, Roasting

The American Chronicle can be a pretty hokey online rag, but once in a while they feature the occasional gem — like today’s interview with Barefoot Coffee Roasters‘ founder and all around cool guy, Andy Newbom: American Chronicle: Andy Newbom of Silicon Valley – Founder of Barefoot Coffee Roasters. In the interview, Andy reveals how […]

Interview with the founder of an espresso tasting society

Posted by TheShot on 24 Feb 2007 | Filed under: Café Society, Local Brew, Quality Issues

Today The Oregonian published an interview with David Rittenhouse, who over the past summer started the Portland Oregon Espresso Tasting Society (or P.O.E.T.S.): Opinions flow. And you guessed it, his top tip for people ordering espresso…?: If someone pours you a bad shot, don’t be afraid to ask for another one. Everyone has a flat […]

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