Yesterday CNN posted a brief video piece on coffee culture in its birthplace, Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s coffee love affair –

The interviewees were weak, but the under-five-minute video offers some of the cultural backdrop behind coffee’s birthplace: the importance of coffee in the culture, how Ethiopians consume their coffee, and some of the challenges Ethiopians are facing with the global increase in coffee prices. In particular, we enjoyed seeing the mobile coffee vendors on the streets of Addis Ababa serving coffee to drive-up vehicles in real, not paper, coffee cups.

Every time we come across someone trying to promote consumer coffee cuppings as some second-rate imitation of wine tasting, we think of how much we turn our backs on coffee’s unique heritage — such as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony and its jabena pot, etc.

UPDATE: April 26, 2011
Tomoca, the coffeehouse featured in this video, also made a recent appearance on one of AOL’s 14 bazillion blogs: Tomoca: the best little coffee house in Africa |