Few things make our blood curdle like the words “culinary” and “craze” abutted next to each other. Which is not to mention that that the name “Fancy Food Show” sounds more like a culinary event for cats than humans. But as we mentioned earlier, coffee made a big appearance at the 56th Fancy Food Show in New York, and the Epoch Times covered the event: Epoch Times – Check Out the Latest Culinary Craze at the NY Fancy Food Show.

Nothing makes us swoon like wall-to-wall food hawking. You hear that, SCAA?For whatever reasons, the Italians aimed for high representation at the event — particularly through the Caffè Italia exhibit. The author mentions variations between the different regional coffees of Italy from the Roman Caffè Trombetta and Sant’Eustachio to the Neapolitan Caffè Kimbo — heavily endorsed in Italy by the ever-present actor, Gigi Proietti.

In any case, something tells us the slaughtering of live animals was not on the bill — even if it could have improved the atmosphere a bit.