We’re a little slow on the discovery of this great article on the coffee in Portugal from earlier this month: Portugal’s Coffee: A Sumptuous and Delectible Treat – Catavino. Catavino is primarily a European wine blog that focuses on the growing regions of the Iberian peninsula (i.e., Spain and Portugal), but they often get into more general topics such as the food, drink, and culture of the region.

Designer cup from Café Nicola - aka NicolartAs with our short series on Portugal’s coffee from late 2006, the article explains a few possible origins for the Portuguese term bica — the short espresso. (Though the term is used more around Lisboa than, say, Porto where o cimbalinho rules.)

The author also rates and reviews a number of the major Portuguese brands of roasted coffee. And while we rated Portugal’s branded cafés overall rather than just their retail coffee, we both concur that Café Nicola offers some of the very best the country has to offer. We differ, however, on our opinion of Sical.