Today’s post comes directly from the Friday Comic Relief Department. Because we enjoy sarcastic humor, and are frequently guilty of it ourselves, we bring you: The Five Types of Morning Coffee Crazies (And How to %#[email protected] with Them) | Points in Case. (Title edited for vulgarity.) A rather comic rant on some of the obsessive-compulsive types that might frequent your local café: the Polite Coward, the Perfectionist, the Trashy One, the Camper, the Freak. Plus a few rather odd coffee shop caricatures and a little torching of the Panera Bread chain.

Perfect: the reason why Martha Stewart should have been convictedA fair bit of warning: expect vulgarity. We’ve censored it out a little here in the title, as it’s not for everybody first thing in the morning. But some of us are okay with that sort of thing. Hey, it beats watching stand-up comedians on Comedy Central speaking half-English, half-bleep.

Another bit of warning: college humor. Just those two words on the Web make us collect air sickness bags on flights the way some people collect hotel soaps. While 99% of it fits the retarded category — and we mean that in a Rahm-Emanuel-sort-of-way — there are occasionally redeeming examples of the genre. Monty Python had its moments, after all.