This Sausalito location of a two-café chain in Marin (the other location is in San Rafael) looks almost identical to the Caffé Trieste that once stood at this exact same location before the ownership changed. Any ownership change seems to have come from an insider to Caffé Trieste, as it’s more than just the outdoor signage that looks like someone painted over the “Trieste” name: inside the décor, the roasted coffee, and the espresso served here reminds us heavily of the former tenant.

If there's a neon sign, it must be true. (No, this sign isn't at Taste of Rome.)Italian tourists seem to like it here as well — so even the vibe here reminds us a little of Caffé Trieste. Inside there are a number of wooden tables packed in a rectangular space with a number of outdoor café tables lining the street corner sidewalks.

While they are heavy on the food service here, their slogan is “The Best Coffee and Pasta in Marin“. Like virtually all businesses that outwardly make a regional, self-aggrandizing superiority claim, they do not live up to it. But that doesn’t mean Taste of Rome isn’t worth a visit.

Taste of Rome in Sausalito looks suspiciously like a Caffé Trieste Socializing inside the Sausalito Taste of Rome

They roast their own, and using a three-group Conti at the bar they pull shots with a swirling medium brown crema. The shot is a little large, but the resulting cup is smooth and not lacking any potency. It even tastes of that classic Caffé-Trieste-like edge of smooth tobacco and smokiness. Served in a chipped Tuxton espresso cup with saucer.

While the espresso seems that much better at nearby Cibo, that place is a bit of a mortuary compared to the energy among the seats here.

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Working the Taste of Rome Conti machine The Taste of Rome espresso