Sometimes we simply cannot believe our eyes. Today we were browsing through the coffee industry trade rag, Coffee Talk, and we stumbled across this advertisement from International Paper. Could there be anything more wrong with this photo?

Apparently Tuscany richly tastes of disposable paper cups - which all Tuscans love

We can only guess that the marketing executives that approved this ad haven’t been any closer to Tuscany than the local Olive Garden — located just 10 miles down Poplar Ave. from International Paper’s Memphis, TN global headquarters. “The rich flavor of Tuscany™”…is a paper cup? Nevermind that no Tuscan would be caught dead drinking their caffè out of a paper cup. Nevermind that the paper cup is the size of the woman’s head.

Of course, if Subway can plug the Tuscan Chicken Melt, should we really be surprised? Those poor residents of Tuscany. They may have given us Dante Alighieri and the birth of the modern Italian language, but they also gave us a name defiled by every industrial fast food producer in Western Civilization. We always thought the regional food in Italy was better in Emilia-Romagna or Piemonte, but both lack the cheesy corporate marketing tie-in credentials to prove it.