If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you — New York, New York

When Liza Minnelli first sang these words about “making it”, and Frank Sinatra later belted them out as a sort of co-opted trademark, they obviously weren’t singing about making coffee. Because when it comes to good coffee, New York City has been a follower, not a leader.

Fast forward to today: while the coffee quality in New York has certainly improved, the city still follows. Case and point with today’s New York Times blog post on two additional, new California coffee imports in town: More Coffee From California – Diner’s Journal Blog – NYTimes.com. This time the coffee interlopers are Four Barrell Coffee and Ecco Caffè.

Start spreading the news, I’m staying today … for an espresso made with locally roasted beans.

But don’t mistake this for mean-spirited city rivalry. Think of it more as a, “What is wrong with you people over there?! Do we have to tell you everything?” The way you’d embarrassingly look at your mom for going out in public wearing an fleece jumpsuit with animals printed on it.