Some stories are too easy to predict. Like in our Trip Report to Pirate Cat Radio Cafe & Studio back in March. Back then we had heard the rumors that chef-turned-author-turned-TV-glutton, Anthony Bourdain, stopped in at the Pirate Cat to try their bacon maple latte. So naturally we suspected that Pirate Cat might make the national airwaves in due time.

That time was tonight, with this evening’s episode of No Reservations set in San Francisco.

Pirate Cat Radio Cafe, as appeared on 'No Reservations' Pirate Cat Cafe's bacon maple latte sign out front

As for Mr. Bourdain? Sure, the guy has a pretty tiresome schtick about being some bad-boy of dangerous food. Meanwhile, milquetoast BBC hosts such as Stefan Gates are foraging for food among the Karen people in landmine-rigged jungles with the Burmese Army in pursuit. (The milquetoast Mr. Gates even has the distinction of appearing on an album cover of Mr. Bourdain’s beloved Led Zeppelin.)

Mr. Bourdain’s Web site even says that the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market is in “Fisherman’s Wharf.” (Huh?) But he does make a fairly good case that for every food-hating vegan and overly-precious yuppie in this town, there are plenty of beer-guzzling burger joints and animal-eating animal lovers (such as Chris Costentino, of Incanto fame … and now pretty much a professional food TV whore).

Regardless, it was good seeing DJ Monkey and the Pirate Cat Cafe getting a little love between TV commercials for and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Close-up of DJ Monkey making espresso DJ Monkey making a bacon maple latte for Anthony Bourdain