In case you haven’t come across this article from the Long Island Press yesterday: Everything You Know About Coffee Is Wrong | Long Island Press. Wow — local journalism is still producing thoughtful, lengthy pieces that might actually tell the average reader something they didn’t already know? Sure enough, it’s a rather well-written and thoughtful piece — even if the headline is a bit over the top.

No, this isn’t about New York City and its coffee scene, but the sleepier confines of nearby Long Island. (A region with the “state” abbreviation, in some mailing address habits, of LI). Funny how the New York City presses have yet to publish an article this thoughtful.

The article includes interviews with local roasters and enthusiasts for the quality and art of good coffee… and a good espresso. It covers some of the product marketing techniques of the big coffee chains (whipped cream, bitter coffee + sweet syrups, etc.), the bizarre interpretation of the macchiato in some parts of North America (and a coffee-based beverage called the misto, which we’ve honestly never heard of before), and the chemical horrors inflicted upon flavored coffees.

One thing we dispute in the article, however, is the conventional wisdom that the bigger coffee chains do a good job at providing consistency and uniformity. That will be the subject of a future post — at least partially. So stay tuned…