A recent, random excursion to San Diego produced at least this one CoffeeRatings.com Trip Report. Visiting an old friend there for this past Independence Day weekend, we literally encountered more UFOs than good coffeehouses while in town. If aliens were behind the four red UFOs we witnessed over El Cajon on the night of the 4th, they clearly weren’t coming for the coffee.

The Westernized-Italian Nado Gelato Cafe keeps a low, old school profile just before traffic enters the nearby naval base. (Miss your turn, and prepare to face the rifles.) There’s sidewalk seating on benches and at a single table with a parasol. Indoors there isn’t much more seating: random stools and two tall, small tables.

Blue Bridge coffee's namesake: the Coronado-San Diego Bridge Approaching the Nado Gelato Cafe, with Blue Bridge Coffee next door

Well, they certainly carry gelato at the Nado Gelato Cafe Blue Bridge Coffee signage

The main attraction is the gelato here, made by Seattle’s Bottega Italiana, and its flavors are all in Italian names. For espresso, the use, and sell retail, beans from local roaster, Blue Bridge Coffee, which operates next door. You can’t get any more local than sharing a wall. Blue Bridge derives its name from the nearby Coronado-San Diego bridge.

They offer a four-cup Melitta bar, and for espresso they employ a two-group Rancilio Epoca. They produce espresso shots with a thin, pale-to-medium-brown crema, with a thinner body. It has mostly a simple flavor of mild spices, but there’s a freshness you can still make out in the cup. Served in Crate & Barrel China cups.

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The Nado Gelato Cafe's Rancilio The Nado Gelato Cafe espresso