Last week we came across an interesting article in an unusual place: Barista judge calls for clarification of espresso techno-babble – 30 April 2009 – CatererSearch. A World Barista Championship judge has expressed concern over espresso machine manufacturers’ escalating war of technology — or at least the validity of their claims.

David Cooper, of Cooper’s Coffee in Yorkshire (UK), became a strong advocate of Dalla Corte‘s high-tech, precision “group head stability and control” — to ensure optimal temperature control at the point at which coffee touches hot water. But he’s since become disillusioned with what seems like an industry parade of promoted technical advances, for which there’s currently no reliable way to validate these claims.

It all kind of reminds us of the toothbrush technology escalation wars in recent years — where every other month a toothbrush manufacturer introduced an array of new, Rube-Goldberg-inspired technology patents, unleashing a bizarre array of torture-device features that seemingly varied from multiple angled brush heads to lasers. While the toothbrush technology wars have subsided in the past couple of years, few things can top the parody-becomes-reality story of how The Onion lampooned the five-blade disposable razor in 2004, only for Gillette to introduce the five-blade Fusion razor a year and a half later.

All of which makes parodies such as Moore’s Law for Razor Blades and this following MADtv parody for the 20-blade Spishak Mach20 razor that much more humorous and disturbing:

Is espresso machine technology next in line?