This split café and to-go market is founded by Chef Charlie Ayers, famous for catering for the Grateful Dead (as evidenced by the large wall photo inside) and the initial food operations at Google. This place is his attempt to make his Google cafeteria “public.”

Could this be the Calafia Cafe & Market A-Go-Go? Market A-Go-Go entrance

Inside the Market A-Go-Go Inside the Calafia Cafe

It has limited outdoor table and picnic bench seating. Inside is split between the café and market storefronts. The former has metal chairs and tables with set wine glasses, and the later offers a salad bar, coffee bar, and no seating whatsoever.

Using a two-group La Marzocco Linea (next to a Clover), they pull shots of Barefoot‘s The Boss blend — resulting in a swirled medium brown crema on a double shot (by default). The shot is very mellow and smooth, with a crema that’s well-integrated with the body of the espresso. Flavorwise, it has a mild pungency but surprisingly lacks any distinctive or strong flavors. Still, it’s a good mellow cup — and is surprisingly served in a real Dudson cup despite the lack of seating. (Though you can park yourself by the cocktail seating in the café next door.)

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Calafia's La Marzocco Linea and Clover machines The Calafia Cafe & Market A-Go-Go espresso