Ritual logo, liquor license, and neon coffee sign at The Creamery Most locals mistakenly presume this is a new (opening in 2009) corner café simply called “The Creamery” — based on its building signage and its product offerings. However, it is a retail operation of the Gilt Edge Creamery, a family-owned SF institution for milk, butter, eggs, and cheese since 1908. (The family that owns it, along with its address, has changed.)

Despite the dairy operations in back, virtually no one comes in front here to order a #32 tub of sour cream: it’s about breakfast, crêpes, salads, and in particular: coffee. Even if there’s a hokey neon coffee sign over the entrance door. They also offer baked goods from Sweet Sue’s in Brisbane.

Outside in front, they have a decorative patio with wooden tables and wicker chairs when the weather, and the less-than-optimal ambiance of being kitty-corner from the CalTrain station, complies. Inside, it is darker than a goth mortuary, with a handful of tables lined around the perimiter.

Approaching The Creamery across a parking lot Lighted view of The Creamery's interior

Using dual two-group La Marzocco GB/5 machines, and Ritual Roaster‘s Vitamin D blend, they pull espresso shots with a mottled, medium brown crema. They serve them as doubles by default, and they have a smooth texture and a blended taste profile accentuated by a sharp pungency. It has a viscous body without being too syrupy (a complaint some in the biz tend to have about Ritual’s own operations, though we like that sort of thing).

It’s a nice interpretation of Ritual beans, served in red ceramic World Market China cups. At last visit, they were also applying for a beer & wine license.

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Dueling La Marzocco GB/5s at The Creamery The Creamery espresso