For the last of our brief survey of some of the more notable cafés in Oakland’s Rockridge, this tiny storefront has long been the lone outlet showcasing the roasting that goes on some four miles away at Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea in Emeryville.

The café and retail shop shares space with a Market Hall Bakery and the Pasta Shop in the Rockridge Market Hall, and with them they share a few decorative sidewalk café tables in front as the only seating around. In the back are old-style coffee bins for retail bean sales (unfortunately the kind that look quaint, but allow fresh roasted coffee to oxidize rapidly), and in front is an espresso bar featuring a two-group Faema Ambassador.

Entrance to Peaberry's Coffee & Tea Café tables in front of Peaberry's Coffee & Tea

With their Faema machine they pull short, potent shots with a smooth medium-brown crema marked with flecks, served in large brown Nuova Point cups. It has a pungent flavor of cloves, herbs, some spice, but the cup is well balanced and rounded. Oddly like many of its nearby Rockridge neighbors along College Ave., there’s a touch of a sour element to the cup — but the heft and balance in the cup lifts it above the neighborhood competition.

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Roasted coffee bins at Peaberry's Coffee & Tea The Peaberry's Coffee & Tea espresso