Thankfully we’ve got something to report on this week that isn’t some idiot blogger — with a second-grade science education, mind you — telling us medical research suggests that coffee-drinking shrinks women’s breasts. (And yet some people still think we’re making this medical infotainment thing up…)

Obligatory tourist shot leaving the Tiburon pier on the ferry Last weekend we caught a Tiburon ferry on the final day of its summer schedule. Passing by the charred remains of Angel Island, we made a stop at Tiburon’s Caffe Acri.

Since 2003, this café and modest wine bar — near the Tiburon ferry pier — has served ubiquitous weekend bike riders and locals alike. A former Boudin Bakery & Cafe outlet, they have dark café tables indoors and, for people watching, they have plenty of outdoor seating under parasols on the corner out front.

No shirt, no shoes, no bike, no service at Caffe Acri Inside Caffe Acri, looking out over the front patio seating

Besides serving gelato, panini, and other Italian-themed edibles, here they serve espresso from a four-group, ornate, eagle-capped copper La Spaziale. (Yes, they actually make such a thing.) Unfortunately the espresso doesn’t look nearly as good as the machine they use to prepare it.

The staff here pulls shots of espresso with a faint, balding medium brown crema with a lighter body. It has a somewhat “funky” flavor of pungent spices, some caramel hints, and a slight medicinal edge. It’s tastes a little better than it looks — as it’s partially saved by the modest pour size.

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Caffe Acri's copper and eagle-topped four-group La Spaziale The Caffe Acri espresso