Weren’t we just saying that there are only about three or four people with original story ideas? Sure enough, this time it’s the New York Times that recycled the same local roasters story idea that has already been once around the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post in recent months: Specialty Coffee Roasters Brew in New York – NYTimes.com.

New York’s quality coffee scene, while improving, remains a major coffee underachiever. So interestingly enough, the article heavily weights its coverage towards the many New York imports angling to get the job done, including many of the West Coast’s usual suspects: Duane Sorenson of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia employees, Andrew Barnett of Ecco Caffè, and James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee.

Only at its conclusion does the article make mention of any NY locals: Café Grumpy, Abraço Espresso, and Ninth Street Espresso. With much of the New York quality coffee scene still playing catch-up to the rest of the country, the writer suggests (we think correctly) that the lack of representation by NY roasters reflects the capital investments and relationships with growers that take time to develop.

In any case, the Chicago Tribune has probably been put on notice that their turn is next to rehash this article.

UPDATE: July 30, 2013
Given the expensive impracticalities of coffee roasting within New York City limits, Brooklyn’s Pulley Collective attempts to come up with a rather reasonable compromise: A Collective Lets Small Coffee Shops Roast Their Own – NYTimes.com. Yep, coffee roasting timeshares.