Because there are only about three or four people who write any original content anymore — and millions of others who just copy them and each other (see: us) — the Washington Post joined in on the San Fransisco Chronicle‘s act (ROAST WITH THE MOST / A new generation of Bay Area coffee roasters pushes the perfect cup to the next level) and published a similar story today about Washington D.C.’s own area roasters: Roasting Raises the Coffee Bar –

Here the article was penned by Michaele Weissman, who has been out on a book tour promoting her new book, God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee. Which, curiously enough, closely mirrors the title of Instaurator’s The Espresso Quest recently released book (which itself was to be titled God In My Espresso Cup).

Ms. Weissman, a reporter by trade, is a good layman storyteller — something the coffee industry severely lacks. We recently let our subscription to Barista Magazine expire — mostly because the writing was so poor. (Sorry, Matt Milletto — you seem like a nice guy and all, but you really ought to stick to coffee. That droning laundry list of a coffee travelog in the Feb/Mar issue probably put us over the edge.)

But unlike Instaurator in his book, Ms. Weissman unfortunately takes on the rather gullible stance of a coffee outsider who buys hook, line, and sinker into the Third Wave myth. (Not surprising, given her Counter Culture Coffee loyalties.) But despite that, we still might still check it out at the S.F. Public Library someday.