This small, local chain of delis opened in 2006. The shop is small but packed with a handful of finds. There are two chairs for seating in the corner, and near the coffee bar in front there’s a bench and a stand-up counter loaded with condiments along the California St. window.

Corner entrance to Blue Fog Market on California St. Stocked shelves inside Blue Fog Market

And speaking of the front window, they loudly announce their use of Blue Bottle beans. Here they prefer the Hayes Valley Espresso blend, and Blue Bottle requires then to hold on to the inventory for no more than 14 days on the shelf. Blue Bottle delivers their beans fresh beans weekly. (Interestingly enough, this weekend I met people in Davis who had Blue Bottle beans delivered weekly to their door.)

Using a two-group La Marzocco GB/5, they pull perfectly short shots with a crema that’s mottled and textured medium brown with some darker brown layered in it. The baristas here take pride in their craft, and the resulting shot is potent, pungent of cloves and herbal elements, and it packs a sharp flavor kick. Great stuff, really, and quite surprising for a deli. Served in black ACF cups — occasionally with a saucer.

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Cash register and barista station, all in one at Blue Fog Market The Blue Fog Market espresso