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Our Espresso in Torino and Piemonte series once again returns to Torino to start winding up the final cafés of the tour. And where better to visit next than Caffè Platti? While a little off the beaten path of downtown Torino, it is one of the city’s finest grand cafés — with all the old-fashioned elegance and charm you’d expect. They first opened their doors in 1875 and still feature their original furniture. And Gambero Rosso also named it one one of the top 18 cafés in Italy (rated 3 chicchi and 3 tazzine).

Entrance to Caffè Platti under the porticoes Caffè Platti doorway entrance

Caffè Platti is spacious and filled with confections, mirrors, multiple tables, and decorative artwork. (And bonus for me: just outside is the location of the famed park bench where the Italian soccer team Juventus was formed in 1897.)

Using their own Caffè Piatti beans and a four-group La Cimbali at the bar, they serve espresso shots with a modest layer of darker brown, uneven crema. It’s served a little warm, temperature-wise, and tastes of cedar and mild pepper. Served properly with a glass of water on the side. There are better espresso shots in town, but few are better at the location in which to drink it. And all that high falootin’ class for just €0.95.

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Inside Caffè Platti Caffè Platti proudly displays their (Illy-sponsored) Gambero Rosso credentials at the bar

Barista at Caffè Platti serves up a espresso from their La Cimbali The Caffè Platti espresso, with mandatory water glass on the side