While we’re on the subject of humorous opinions on coffee purveyors…

No matter what you might think of Arianna Huffington, you have to admire the cajones to publish today’s op-ed blog piece on The Huffington Post: Beverly Tan: Why I F**cking Hate Starbucks – Living on The Huffington Post. Author Beverly Tan, an admitted and yet reluctant Starbucks customer herself, rips into Starbucks’ super-saturated ubiquity, “cross between drain cleaner and flat Pepsi” quality, “lesbian folk singers and Miles Davis” soundtrack, and misplaced pretentiousness.

Nespresso loves company.

Coincidentally, yesterday Starbucks announced that they are “upgrading” their espresso machines: Starbucks Upgrades Espresso Machines – WSJ.com. It’s a move designed to help stave off customer losses in their U.S. stores — though they’ll deny it’s connected in any way, just like their newly planned national ad campaign. Given the last time Starbucks put their genius towards “upgrading” espresso machines, where they replaced all their La Marzoccos with with superautomated Verismo machines, we can’t wait to see how they’re going to top that.