In a bizarre way, I have to give props to NPR today for airing a story on coffee tasters at Folgers, of all places: NPR : Meet the Woman Who Dictates the Taste of Coffee. NPR could have just as easily chosen to stereotypically interview the coffee taster at some sedated, eco-friendly company run by orphan bonobos and a CEO who hasn’t washed his hair nor worn pants since 1978 (see: PBS lifestyle coffee). But instead, they went for one of the Big 4: the unholy quartet of corporate coffee evil incarnate. The sweet smell of underwriting, perhaps??

Although I would never seek out coffee from a company that advertises their brand in association with New York sewer covers, the article does give the take of Folgers’ master roaster on the qualities evaluated and processes used when grading their coffee and standardizing their blends. Body, acidity, aroma, flavor…now where else have I seen these? Time for another smackdown between Folgers crystals and fancy restaurant coffee, like Lee’s Deli on Market St. near Montgomery St.