Back to our Espresso in Torino and Piemonte series, today we return to Torino’s “living room” for classic grand café style at Caffè Torino. We touched on this café last year when writing about the coffee at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

The familiar 'L Caval'd Brôns in front of Caffè Torino Outdoor piazza seating at Caffè Torino

Like other grand cafés on the square, there’s seating in the piazza outside. Inside there are elegant details, mirrors, and chandeliers. The bull, Torino’s official town symbol and mascot, is emblazoned everywhere here: on the floor of the entrance, on tiles, on walls, in lights, etc. And the Torinese seem to stop by here throughout the day — whether for a morning caffè, for lunch under the porticos, for an apertivo at the bar for ‘appy ‘our (gotta love how the Italians pronounce ‘h’s), or for the more elegant restaurant in back.

The buzz inside Caffè Torino Caffè Torino's La Cimbali machine at the bar

They use a shiny, chrome, four-group La Cimbali at the ornate bar, pulling shots with a medium brown crema with darker flecks. It has a bold aroma and a more potent pungent Lavazza flavor of cloves and mild spices. While it’s not quite like having a pint of Guinness in Dublin, Lavazza does seem to taste a little more robust here, being so close to its source. Served in Lavazza-logo IPA cups. A solid effort at just €0.90 at the bar.

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Events outside at night under the neon porticos at Caffè Torino Infamous brass bull in the front walkway: step on his testicles for good luck?

Sweets inside Caffè Torino The Caffè Torino espresso